Welcome to my nest!

May 11, 2009

Welcome to my nest, Twitterbirds. Settle in, fluff your feathers and have a cuppa. If you like language, sci fi and poetry, let’s talk. I’m an old bird but a wise one. Aunti D is my handle given me by my nephew, Les Booth, who is my computer genius guru. I have imbued it with several translations i.e. Aunti Dense, Aunti Dumb, Aunti Dubious, and my personal favorite, Aunti Delightful. Les has inspired me to open several weblogs and this webpage, from which all others can be accessed. Now he has put me in a nest on Twitter. Oh, my, and I am afraid of heights. However, he assures me I need not climb a tree to twitter. All I must do is post daily and through the magic of cyberspace, I will have laid an egg in my Twitter nest. Well, I’ve laid plenty of those in the past so a few more shouldn’t be terminal. Perhaps a smattering of history will be appropriate here. I am a wise OLD owl. And the emphasis is on the right word. White hair and nimble fingers do not often go together, but in my case it is a matter of try/fail, try/fail, and then try again. Don’t know where the creative energy comes from, it is certainly not physical. I’ve raised four children, lost one to cancer along with two sisters, one brother, mother and various cousins and nieces. That is a rather impersonal statement. Believe me, cancer is not impersonal. I’ve been married to John for 54 years in June, and I am a writer, poet, songwriter and artist. I’ve written eight books, self-published six as ebooks and two as paperbacks with a POD. (Not a path I recommend!) Now I am ¾ of the way through my autobiography. Time to fly away until tomorrow… ~/~ ~/~ ~/~

Aunti D, the Mindsinger


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